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Abstract Futuristic Background

The Issue with Today's Biosensors




Lateral flow tests are less accurate 

PCR tests are

slower and more expensive

HemBox™ : The Hememics Solution

A New Generation of Handheld Rapid Tests

With speed, portability, instant data sharing, and the ability to multiplex, Hememics is Redefining Rapid™

Biosensor System 

Our multiplexed immuno-biosensor provides rapid, cost-effective and real-time biomarker measurements of diseases anywhere in the world.

A Portable Lab
Assay and Diagnostic Test

 Redefining Rapid

Handheld Biosensor

Results in less than 5 minutes

Results uploaded to a data center via cellphone and accessible worldwide 

The Heart of Our Technology

Fast, accurate results

The HemChip is more accurate than lateral flow while only taking a fraction of the time (5 minutes) to produce results. 


At just the size of your thumb, the HemChip™ is small enough to fit in any pocket and sturdy enough to be transported anywhere. 


The HemChips™ multiplexing allows users to detect multiple pathogens simultaneously.


With our sensitive proprietary technology, the HemChip will be able to detect smaller traces of pathogens, giving more accurate results closer to the time of exposure.


Using our patented HemSol™ solution, the HemChip™ can survive elevated temperatures and be preserved for extended periods of time. 

Proprietary Bio-preservative

Our proprietary bio preservative prevents others from replicating our biosensor with the same speed, accuracy, and sensitivity.


Pandemic Detection

With current biosensor technology, there’s no reliable way to avoid the next worldwide viral infection. However, Hememics' faster, more accurate, more sensitive, data capable, and more versatile proprietary biosensors can identify and mitigate the next global pandemic.

Drive-Through Testing
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