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  • John L. Warden, Jr. | Hememics

    Go back John L. Warden, Jr. Chairman & Co-Founder Co-Founder, CEO Entrepreneurial and executive roles in 5 start-up companies to date, returning more than $75M in net profits to investors. Successful business development experience with Biovista, a drug development services provider to major pharmaceutical companies. Significant impact building markets for technology products. Developed, engineered and constructed the proprietary software and hardware for the HemChip®, HemBox®, HemStation®. Previous Next

  • Ask fro quote | Hememics

    HemSol Buffer Solution Vitrification drying dehydration preservation buffer for biologically active materials ID: 230416 HemChip Disposable Biosensor With bioreceptor layer and proprietary biochip, designed to detect pathogens with utmost speed, accuracy, and sensitivity. ID: 230206 HemBox Biosensor Platform Reader A handheld environmentally resilient analytical device made for rapid on-site identification of bio-hazards present in water, soil, and infected persons. ID: 230716 Get Price Quote First name Email Last name Phone Select a Product Choose an option Give us more details I accept terms & conditions Request a Quote Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

  • Hem Sol | Hememics

    Hem So l ™ Hem Sol ™ is the special desiccation solution that has enabled Hememics to create our state-of-the-art technology. HemStation Back Aft er 7 years of development, Hememics founder, Dr. David Ho, created a solution that strips biology of its moisture without denaturing its initial structure, Hem Sol ™ . Thanks to Hem Sol ™ , Hememics has been able to develop biosensors far faster, more accurate, and much more resilient than any other biosensors that currently exist. Next >

  • FAQ | Hememics

    FAQ Q: What is a Bios ensor ? Q: What is Multiplexing ? Q: What are Customized Assays ? Q: What makes Hememics unique?

  • Privacy Policy | Hememics

    Privacy Policy Welcome to the Privacy Policy of Hememics ("we" or "us"). This Policy applies to all information collected by Hememics during your use of this website ("site"). We kindly request that you carefully read this information before accessing any part of the site. ​ Our Commitment to Your Privacy ​ At Hememics, we acknowledge and respect the privacy of our site users. In order to better protect your privacy, we have developed this Policy to explain our online information practices and how we collect and utilize information obtained from you. Please note that Hememics may update this Policy periodically without prior notice. You can access the most recent version of this Policy through the "Terms & Conditions of Use" link located at the bottom of every page on this site. General ​ Hememics may collect information about visitors to this site by tracking the usage of certain features available here. This information helps us tailor the content of the site to suit your needs and keep you informed about topics of interest. ​ Specifically, when you provide personally-identifiable information on this site, Hememics may collect it responsibly. This may include details such as your name, mailing address, telephone and/or facsimile number, email address, and other similar information. Hememics will handle your personally-identifiable information in a secure manner, utilizing both online and offline measures. This collection of personally-identifiable information enables Hememics to provide individuals with relevant information about Hememics products and services. We might share this information with our vendors and partners to tailors our offering to your needs. ​ Furthermore, Hememics may store and disclose personally-identifiable information as permitted or required by applicable law. We may make necessary disclosures to protect the rights, safety, or property of Hememics or others, comply with legal or regulatory requirements, or investigate and prevent violations of our Terms and Conditions. Except as mentioned above, Hememics will not disclose, sell, lease, or rent your personally-identifiable information. ​ Use of Cookies and Other Web Technologies ​ Cookies are small data text files that may be stored on your computer's hard drive if your web browser allows it. Most web browsers provide instructions on how to prevent the acceptance of new cookies, receive notifications when you receive a new cookie, or disable most cookies altogether. Even if you reject the use of cookies, you can still use this site. However, please note that by refusing to accept cookies, you may not be able to access certain tools and features offered on our site. ​ Cookies may be used by some of the websites we link to. Therefore, we encourage you to review the Links section of this Policy below. Additionally, we may use your Internet Protocol (IP) address to analyze trends, administer this site, and gather general demographic information in order to improve its functionality. On this site, we may use cookies to enhance navigation and perform the following functions: ​ Recognize your web browser as a returning visitor and remember any preferences set during your previous visits. Customize the content provided to you based on your apparent interests, as your web browser navigates the internet. Measure and research the effectiveness of our site's features, offerings, and email communications by determining which emails you open and engage with. ​ While we may use cookies to improve your navigation experience on this site, please be aware that some of the external websites we link to might also employ cookies. Therefore, we advise you to review the Links section of this Policy below. Additionally, we may use your Internet Protocol (IP) address to analyze trends, administer this site, and gather general demographic information to enhance its overall performance. We will not link any collected IP addresses to personally-identifiable information. ​ Automatic Information ​ As described above, we may automatically collect some information about your computer when you visit our sites. This data might include session data, including your IP address, web browser software, and referring site. We also may collect information about your online activity, such as content viewed and pages visited. We collect this automatic information to help us understand the interests of our customers and visitors and customize your user experience, among other things. ​ Our Commitment to Children's Privacy ​ Protecting the privacy of the very young is especially important. For that reason, Hememics does not intend to or knowingly collect or maintain personally-identifiable information from children under 13. Correcting or Retrieving Your Information ​ If your personally-identifiable information changes or if you no longer want Hememics to maintain your information, you can accomplish this by sending us an email at or by sending your request to: ​ Hememics Biotechnologies, Inc 401 Professional Drive, Suite 220 Gaithersburg, MD 20879-3445 ​ Hememics will send a confirming email to your last known email address regarding the changes or deletion of your personally-identifiable information. ​ Contact Us ​ If you have any questions about this Policy or our site, please contact us at .

  • Hao V. Nguyen | Hememics

    Go back Hao V. Nguyen Board member Founder & CEO, AMVI Partners, LLC Founder & CEO, Anh Khoa Medical Equipment Co. Mr. Hao Nguyen is an innovator and entrepreneur with 25+ years in business leadership and a specialist in the medical equipment market. He is the Founder and CEO of Anh Khoa Medical Equipment Co., a global import/export company with more than $20M in revenue and the Founder and CEO of AMVI Partners, LLC. Mr. Hao has experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management together with the visionary product developer with deep education in research and analytics trending markets. Mr. Hao is an effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals. Hao is the relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback. Previous Next

  • All News 2 | Hememics

    All News May 25th, 2023 Hememics Biotechnologies, Inc. Announces Successful Close in $2 Million Seed 2 Financing from TEDCO and Qualified Investors to Accelerate Growth Read more July, 2020 Biosensors for on-the-spot tests: Two companies plan to debut new tech for COVID-19 testing by year's end Read more July, 2020 U. S. cities pilot connected-vehicle tech: Enabling conventional vehicles to communicate could save lives right now Read more April 21, 2020 Company: New coronavirus test could diagnose the virus in 60 seconds or less Read more April 20, 2020 BARDA to work with Hememics on rapid COVID-19 test Read more April 16, 2020 Hememics’ rapid point-of-care COVID-19 test gets infusion from BARDA Read more April 16, 2020 HEMEMICS Biotechnologies, Inc. Receives HHS Support to Develop Rapid Antigen, Antibody Diagnostic to Identify COVID-19 Infected Americans Read more December 1, 2017 Inova Personalized Health Accelerator Accepts HeMemics Biotechnologies, Inc. into Portfolio Read more December 11, 2019 Hememics Biotechnologies Inc. Received $2.5 Million Investment from AMVI Partners Read more < Previous

  • Valerie Maria Tuyen Vo | Hememics

    < Back Go back A Bit About Valerie Maria Tuyen Vo Chief Investment Officer Valerie is a proven leader in capital acquisition and investment strategy, leveraging her extensive network and deep understanding of the Vietnamese American business community. As the founder and former President of the Vietnamese American Business Council (VABC), she cultivated strong relationships with high-net-worth individuals and investors, fostering a robust fundraising platform for innovative ventures. Her passion extends beyond the VABC, actively participating in supporting US and Vietnamese startups, playing a pivotal role in securing funding and guiding them toward product launches. At Hememics, Valerie spearheaded fundraising efforts, securing the vast majority of the company's capital needs. < Previous Next >

  • Srivatsa Aithal, PhD | Hememics

    < Back Go back A Bit About Srivatsa Aithal, PhD Director of R&D Sri Aithal pursued his Post-Doc at McMaster University and Ph.D. at Sherbrooke University in Canada. He drove the effort to commercialize impedance spectroscopy-based sensing at Abnova, Taiwan. He was also a Co-Founder of Celerite Labs, a startup company commercializing magnetic bio-printing technology that accelerated drug discovery. Sri has several journal publications and an approved patent. < Previous Next >

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