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  • HemChip | Hememics

    He m Chi p Panel Development for Point of Care ® HemChip ® Back The Hem Chip ® is a small, portable, and disposable biosensor configured for multiplexing. ​ The Hem Chip ® is made with a bior eceptor layer and a proprietary biochip, designed to detect pathogens with utmos t speed, accuracy, and sensitivity. ​ Each Hem Chip ® contains multiple biosensors, enabling the detection of multiple pathogens simultaneously. The Hem Box ® and Hem Chip ® work in tandem, with the Hem Box ® interpreting the signals that the Hem Chip ® outputs, giving the user their real-time results in less than 5 minutes. ® ® Next >

  • HemBox | Hememics

    Hem Box Impressively Fast & Precise ® HemBox Back < Previous The Hem Box ® biosensor system is a handheld, field hardened, e nviron mentally resilient analytical device made for rapid on-site identification of bio-hazards present in water, soil, and infected persons. ​ ​ The Hem Box ® can simultaneously identify multiple biological threats and yield sensitive, selective, and measurable data in real time. ​ This data can be stored on the device and transmitted once a Bluetooth device with a secure user account is within range. Next >

  • Platform | Hememics

    A low-cost platform consisting of a portable, easy-to-use reader utilizing a single-use biochip with 32 sensors that can be individually programmed to detect molecular, antigen and antibody targets ​ Platforms Hem Chip Hem Box Hem Station ® ® ® Read More Read More Read More *Click on pictures to know more* VS PCR test Lateral flow Compare to Hembox ® Compare to Hembox ® We put a whole lab in your hand so you can make decisions when and wherever necessary simplifying workflows with results within 5 minutes

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